5 Things That Will Put a Pep in Your Step!

  • Carolyn Cheer’s monthly column, Tidbits of Treasure, reflects upon the difficulties she has had these past few months and reminds readers live an authentic life.
  • Mimi’s Mini Devotional, by Donna Wright, encourages all of us to follow the rules within our societies as well as the rules from God. If we do, life will be much better!
  • Kyla Heyming’s eloquent poem reminds us to tell our stories to the people we love and care for, so that they will be alive forever in their minds. Through the telling of our stories, we re-create memories together with the people that we love.
  • Carol Jackson speaks of the raw realities regarding life not always working out. Don’t miss reading Carol’s article if you are searching for hope in the face of adversity.
  • Do you need to de-clutter your world? If so, Anita Lee’s article entitled 100 Things is just what you need!

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