5 Things That Will Put a Pep in Your Step!

  • Dr. Cheryl Bauman captures some memorable moments from the Women in Leadership Conference: Across the Generations held on Sat. April 28, 2018, at the University of Ottawa, Lamoureux Hall. Look for the re-cap Just Saying with Dr. Cheryl. Save the date for next year’s event, Sat. April 27, 2018! We would love to see you there! For more information, email cheryl@justsaying.today.
  • Mimi’s Mini Devotional, by Donna Wright, challenges all of us, both young and old to Dress for Success!
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  • Georgia’s Wisdom is sure to light the way for you this month. Check it out in the Lifestyle section!
  • Mahwish Annisi reminds us how to be strong no matter what storm we may be facing. Seek this sound advice in the devotional area of the magazine.


Georgia Morissette is the winner of a unique piece of Mialisia jewelry for her list of 5 Things That Put a Pep in Your Step (actually Georgia gave us more than 5 ).

  1. Get 8 hours of sleep
  2. End a shower with cold water
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  4. Do the 5 Tibetan exercises every day
  5. Daily, do a good deed for someone and one for yourself. 

Here is more but you only asked for 5:

When in doubt, show up early. Think less. Feel more. Ask once. Give thanks. Expect the best. Appreciate everything. Never give up. Make it fun. Lead. Invent. Regroup. Wink. Chill. Smile. And live as if your success was inevitable, and so it shall be.  


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