Travelling Through Life

My husband and I are currently on route for a family vacation with our three girls. This past week there was a ton of preparation that we needed to do to ensure that we had all items we would need on our trip packed. It took great team work and coordination to get everything ready for an early flight. 

There was a lot of behind the scenes action that had to take place to make today run smoothly. The girls had no idea. They just trusted that mom and dad would have everything ready and all they had to do was get up, get ready and follow our lead. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to trust God in the way our children trust us? Our life journey would be so much easier and stress free. We could get up each morning, get ready and follow His lead.  

We could leave our worries at our bedside knowing that God has worked behind the scenes and has everything under control for the day ahead. 

When we live this way, we will have a wonderful peace that fills our hearts and we can start living a life without stress. Just as the pilot has control over our flight to take us to our destination safely, allow God to be the pilot of your life and travel through life in safety and in joyfulness knowing you are protected by our God. 



Heavenly Father be the pilot of our lives and guide us through our journey on this earth. May we trust that you have planned every detail of our lives and always give us the best, as you have promised in your word.