The Three L’s to a Happy Life

With time and experiences, we grow wise. Though young, I take my wisdom from the old soul within me, and I think about numerous things. When I read, when I write, I let the lives of true or fictional beings inspire me. I question myself daily and wonder about what could be possible today. Often, that questioning leads me to think of what makes me happy, because in truth, we are always working towards goals that will make us just that, happy.

Having lived already many different experiences, and pushing myself into different situations, I have found that happiness can be achieved with three simple things. Though these items are catered to me, I know that many people around me and who follow my writing agree with these. To be happy, all I need is Literature, Love and Laughter. Simple, no?

Literature is the foundation of my knowledge, and the instinctual source of my entertainment. It is from this that my love of writing stems from. It has been my inspiration, my motivation, and my comfort in my daily life. I catered my degree to it, and moulded my education around it. It allows us to travel to new worlds, meet new people and experiences things we could barely even fathom in our wildest dreams. It is also present in our everyday lives and becomes impossible to ignore. It will always be there to inform us, to entertain us, to inspire us, and to comfort us wherever, and whenever we need it.

Love, the second « L », should be quite evident to most but it still remains a vague mystery. In this sense, I’m not implying the implicit need for the affection of another human being, but rather the feeling we get when we experience something we enjoy. In my case, love revolves around music, travel, food, family and friends. Any hobby or experiences that brings a smile to my face, and peace to my heart. Literature could technically fit into this category, but because it is such a staple in my life, I felt that it deserved its very own category. Though Love is a strong word to use to describe certain things you enjoy, I felt that using Like didn’t hold enough meaning for the things I held dear to me.

Lastly, laughter is the element that balances everything. Life is too hard and too short to take it seriously during every moment of your existence. Laughing a necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Laughter is possibly the only contagious thing that is good for you and it can easily bring people closer together. Memories become engraved with every « inside joke » you share with people, or every funny video you feel the need to share with you friends. Laughter is the simple, good feeling you need to have at least once a day, and therefore, it becomes a staple element to my life.

Literature takes care of my mind. Love, caters to my heart. Laughter ignites my soul. And with a healthy dose of each, I can honestly say that I lead a happy life. The equation is simple and the elements are attainable. Try it out for yourself and see how three letters can change your life.