The Traveler

I often wonder why people travel.  A quick internet search of the word “travel” defines it as a journey, typically of some length, and a traveler is someone who has traveled to distant places.  By its own definition, travel does not sound exciting or thrilling but there is certainly an allure for those that do.  Whether it’s straightforward and easy, or whether it’s to seek an adventure and spend time in a place, travelers have a passion, a desire to seek out new experiences, to be part of a grand adventure.  In the words of Star Trek, “…to boldly go…” and for some “…where no man has gone before.”

I have that passion for travel and my husband may even go as far to say an obsession.  When one trip is planned, we’re on our way; I already have 2 or more places on my ongoing “where to next” bucket list.  Thank goodness, we are a family of travelers.  My daughter muses that she began her travels in Italy when I was 8 weeks pregnant with her.  She loves the story of my morning sickness in the Coliseum with concerned onlookers.

But it’s not just the travel itself that is exciting.  Half the excitement, for me, is researching and planning where we are going, what we will see, and seeking out unique experiences.  My family has walked on the Athabasca Glacier, accessible from the Icefields Parkway in Alberta and rode astride mules through Zion Canyon, Utah.  We’ve been charged by a bison, in South Dakota’s Custer State Park. These are only a few of the unforgettable memories we have; there are so many more moments that strike at my heart.  

Travel research has led to incredible adventures such as crossing lava fields in Iceland that are millions of years old, descending down into a dormant volcano’s lava chamber, and touring Warm Springs Ranch–Budweiser’s Clydesdale breeding facility. Travel planning comes from my desire to not miss anything. It creates the thrill and sets the stage of what’s to come.

Through my upcoming posts, I hope something will catch your eye and ignite your travel passion. The summer months will bring jaunts to Hamilton to see the HMCS Haida and the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, a tour of the Kingston Penitentiary and the highlight will be visiting world war sites of Belgium and France. Enjoy the posts and come along on my family’s adventures.