The Teen at The Water Fountain

Mimi’s Mini Devotionals

Let me ask you this. Do you know an unpopular teen in your school? They may be the person who dresses unlike the “in crowd.” Or they may be a teen that comes from a distant country and talks or looks different than you. Or just maybe they are a teen that has made some serious bad choices and people do not want to be associated with them. 

If you were to walk up to your water fountain and find them there, how would you treat that unpopular teen? 

Jesus had a very similar situation that let’s us know what to do.

Jesus was traveling though an area called Samaria that was not very friendly, the people there did not like Jesus or the people of His country who were Jews.

In fact most people from Israel wouldn’t step near that place. But not Jesus, he went by there on purpose. While traveling he stopped at a well to get a drink of water and a very unpopular Samaritan woman from town showed up. She had made some very bad choices and the people of her town had very little to do with her. 

When she shows up Jesus asked her to help him get some water from the well. She was shocked that Jesus would speak with her. Well he did more than that. He told her all about her sins (her bad choices) and then He told her about a different kind of water for her to drink. He called it living water and if she would drink that water from Him, her sins would be forgiven and she would never be lacking water again. This means the Samaritan woman would have eternal life in heaven. 

She believed Jesus and went back to her town and told all the people about the Messiah Jesus and they too came to know him as their savior. 

Jesus wants us to do the following when we meet the unpopular teen at the water fountain.

1. Be kind.
2. Be forgiving.
3. Be sensitive and understanding.
4. Spend some time with them.
5. Tell them about Jesus and how much He loves them.
6. Tell them that no matter what they have done, Jesus will forgive them if they believe in him.

Being an unpopular teen for whatever reason is a lonely feeling. Jesus wants us to reach out and love them.

This week purposely travel your halls, hang out at the water fountain, and when you see that unpopular teen, be Jesus to them. 

Mimi loves you so much and prays that you will help someone who needs a drink of living water. 

Send me a text and let me know if you were able to help an unpopular teen.