The Magic of Mary

Why does Christmas feel so magical? I realize that Coca Cola and Clement Clarke Moore had something to do with it but even apart from Santa Claus and T’was the Night Before Christmas there is an underlying feeling of magic. Of hopefulness. That all things are possible. We are all a little kinder to one another. We smile more. We are more patient with each other, more forgiving, more open and accepting. Why do we see this little bump in the love meter at this time of year? It’s as if the collective understands an underlying truth …something that is always there but that we give ourselves permission to act on at Christmastime…like it’s not only okay to be more kind but it is our natural state to do so. As if we are remembering to be fully human.

I think the story of Jesus has some clues to the reason for that magic….it is after all about hope. He represents hope for humanity here to save us from ourselves. But I think there is an even deeper meaning in the story that we don’t often talk about. Jesus only happens because of Mary. Because she said ‘yes’. She was asked to fulfill a purpose and she said yes to it…she said yes to her calling. And only from there could the story unfold. Without Mary, we’ve got nothing. And I don’t mean that to be disrespectful but to be real. God is God. He can do anything. Alpha, Omega, the whole bit. So why? Why have Mary part of the story? He could have flown Jesus in on a cloud…really anything…He has no limits so then, why?

I have not studied theology and I’m sure there is a great debate about this somewhere with very smart people, so I’m going to keep it simple and personal. For me, there is so much importance to that part of the story. Mary said yes even though she was terrified, even though she did not fully understand what was being asked of her. But she knew she had to follow her heart. She had faith. Through that faith, hope entered the whole world. And because she said yes, miracles happened. Because she said yes, we learn about a love so deep and so complete. And magical. It makes me think that’s what we are here to do…to find our purpose, fulfill that calling which brings us closer to that kind of love. And the magic starts when we say…yes. 

I can relate to that very personally this year, because I made a huge change in my life to follow that stirring in my heart and start focusing on music. I said yes to a path I felt was calling me. I was terrified. I did not and still don’t fully understand the plan around it. But I know in my heart I am where I am supposed to be. And because of that I am seeing miracles every day. And I am learning more about love every day. So Christmas this year has me looking at the magic in a different way…the magic in Mary’s yes. To honour that, I covered a beautiful song called “Mary” written by an incredible songwriter, Patty Griffin, who 20 years ago captured the words I would want to say today. I hope you enjoy it!

And I wish you a Merry Christmas….or should I say Mary Christmas.



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Amazing People Holiday Concert

Friday, Dec 8th, 2017

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7:00 p.m. – Doors Open

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