The Invisible Gift

Music is an invisible, powerful gift given to humanity from God. It can clear the mind, calm the spirit and melt the heart. Music inspires and enriches a society.

The beauty of melody, harmony and rhythm is combined by the heart and mind and spirit. The result is an amazing creation that reaches far beyond the human spectrum – into the endless reaches of the universe and into the depth of the human heart.

What power!  What gentleness!

It can wind its way through our being at any given moment. Without warning, a melody can consume our full attention, a thought from afar can sway our decision, a rhythm can excite and give us energy.

Such mystery- this invisible gift that wafts throughout or lives. It becomes an indelible memory that remains alive within. It returns us to a secret place and a secret time with intimate memories of love and joy, pain and sorrow, hope and despair.

How would one ever be prepared for the reaction to the vibration of a bow gliding across a string, a voice that releases a velvet ribbon, a finger that caresses an ivory key?

Some say it is a “magician” rather than a “musician” – perhaps indeed the first is more truth than a slip of the tongue.

May this invisible gift bless you in a way that is indeed magical!

As Founder and Editor of Just Saying, I have the privilege to edit the articles written by the very talented contributors. I have an end note that I wanted to share with the readers. Marie Brydges, was my piano teacher when I was a child and an adolescent. I have to say, Marie was very, very patient with me, as I enjoy music, however, I was not the most talented musician. Her patience, understanding and kind words are what made going to music lessons very bearable. I used to enjoy my talks with her, much more than playing my assigned lesson pieces.

Marie was an invisible gift to me, given by God! I learned many lessons from Marie. One of the most important lessons that I learned from her was to prize people always, to encourage their own unique talents and to never discourage them with the abilities that they do not have.

Here is a picture of Marie and I re-united after 25 years! This was truly an early Christmas present for me!