The Body

When you look at how our bodies work, it’s clear that by design;
A pure intentioned; carefully planned, divine purpose was in mind.
Each fragment does not simply exist on its own.
Like an isolated particle that operates alone.
No, each tissue, each muscle, organ, bone and vein;
Is purposeful, significant and needed to maintain,
The full functioning of this machine that we rely on to progress.
Working together, not separate to achieve more not less.

The same can apply to the Body of Christ, for we too should join together;
And work for Him in one accord, not detached from one another.
Not constantly building up walls of jealousy and fear;
Afraid of being replaced as soon as others draw near.
It’s good to have our own gifts. But one should never outshine the other;
Each gift can help to strengthen, build up and provide a cover—
For a hurting heart, a struggling dream, an ailing brother or friend.
We need to share in each other’s sorrows and heartaches until the bitter end.
When one hurts, we should all feel pain.
When one falls, we should all gain—
The compassion and love that He once showed us;
When He died for our sins and rose from earth’s dust.

We all have a part to play for the whole to function at its best.
To enhance our own potential and then help to support the rest.
Though we may differ in abilities, we were designed to fit together.
To build on each other’s strengths and complement one another.
So the next time you wonder, on what level you fit in;
Know that it matters not if you lose or if you win.
But of how you live out His great and perfect will.
For we all have a job to do, a role to play, and a purpose to fulfill.