Tell Me the Story

Tell me the story of my past

before you become

nothing more

than a memory.


Tell me the story of why

we had crossed land and sea

to start a new life when the one

you really loved was left behind.


Tell me story of what

was lost and loved and longed for

before you imagined a future

where you found and loved and gained

everything you now have.


Tell me the story of when

you’d had enough and yet kept trying

despite having already paid your

dues to the world and to a life that

should’ve been easier.


Tell me the story of who

you wanted to be, and who you are

now, and how regardless of how different

they are, you are proud nonetheless.


Tell me the story of where

you think you’ll be, so that I’ll

be able to reach out to you

and talk with you a little longer,

feeling as though my time with you

has never been enough.


Tell me the story of our past

so that you’ll be, always with me,

so much more than just a memory.