Set your Goals and Dream BIG!

Everyone has a dream. Whether it’s to be successful in life as a business person, or having a goal in a particular sport or if it is to graduate from high school, we all have them. No matter how big or how small your dream may be we all dream for something.

I can tell you that I sure have many dreams and I set many goals in my life. I dream of these goals all the time wondering if they may come true or if God may have something else in store for me I just don’t know. This leaves me waiting in excitement but also makes me anxious to know what my future holds. All I know for sure is that I have to go with the flow and let life happen as I allow God to guide me. This doesn’t mean that I become lazy and let everything happen on its own. It means I have to set goals and work towards my goals that are part of my dreams.

If it is a dream God has set for me then it will happen but if it is not then He has something else for me. But God never puts these dreams and goals in our minds and hearts without having a plan to go along with them. He never places goals in our minds and etches them on our hearts that He isn’t going to see through. He will always make them happen if we have the faith to believe.

If you work towards your goals and dreams, they may come true if that’s what God wants. But if He doesn’t then He has something better for you, you just have to trust and believe, never stop giving up! Keep working towards your dreams and setting goals and great things will happen.

I always set little personal goals for myself throughout each day, things that I work towards. Even if the goals are as little as trying to beat my juggling record for soccer or if it is to give someone a compliment. The little goals and the little things do matter, because they add up into bigger things that translate into character building moments, as I become what I think, do and say. I do not need to wait to hear a little voice from God as to whether I am to compliment someone as it says in the bible that I am to continuously encourage people.

The little things in life really do matter. If no one realizes or acknowledges what you are doing it really doesn’t matter because God does and that is the only thing that matters is that He knows. He knows what you are doing and God will reward you. Even if no one sees what you are doing, God does and He will reward you for your faithfulness and He will open up doors that no one else could open and have you walk right through them.

God is the one who wants to see you succeed and live the life He has planned for you. He planned this life for you before you were born. As it says in the bible God knew you before you were born and He called you to live out the life that He has designed for you.

Always remember to thank God for everything that He has given to you. Thank Him for the opportunities that He has given to you. Always give God the credit for your winnings, as it was God who gave you the talents to be able to pursue your dreams and to set your goals.

Never give up on your dreams even if people try to tell you, “you will never be able to do it” or “this is impossible”. Don’t give up because you have the Most High God on your side and nothing can stop you. But most importantly, never stop dreaming, as God planted those dreams deep within you and He wants the best for you. Seek God and He will give you the dreams that you desire, because your dreams will be His dreams.