But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness… (Matthew 6:33 NIV)

What does it mean to “seek?”  What does it look like?


Is it spending time with the Lord before starting your day? 

Is it going straight to Him when faced with a decision before speaking to anyone else? 

Is it choosing to be obedient even when no one else is?

Is it turning off the TV or putting your phone away when He says, “Want to chat and hang out with Me?”

Is it laying your emotions at the foot of the cross before responding in anger? 

Is it guarding your tongue before speaking negatively? 

Is it dropping to your knees in worship as soon as the storms of life hit? Or just because you love Him.

Is it fleeing from temptation even though your hormones are going crazy?

Is it accepting His grace and mercy rather than continuously beating yourself up?

Is it believing that He is your healer before the doctor’s diagnosis?

Is it knowing and speaking out that He is greater than your circumstance before concluding defeat and rendering the situation hopeless?

Is it turning to His Word for direction before relying on your own human understanding?

Is it proclaiming God’s Word when an attack comes rather than letting the devil wreak havoc in your life?

Is it waiting for His choice as to who you marry rather than just settling with a ‘good’ option?


To me, seeking first is all these things and more…. 

Life (every single part of it) was designed to be done with Jesus and the greatest honour and privilege we have is to walk with Him – Every day and in every season. To love Him and to seek Him openly and honestly – in spirit and in truth – in every situation and before all else. He longs for you to talk with Him and to simply whisper… “Jesus, I love you” or “Jesus, what do you think about this?”  He wants you to know His voice. To seek His advice, His truth and His understanding. 

So today, I encourage you to talk with Him – to seek Him. To simply say to Him, “I need You”.

He is waiting for you.

No need to be scared or embarrassed, He accepts you as you are. His love and salvation is a free gift. All you need to do is receive it. Honestly, there is truly nothing quite like being in relationship with Him. Nothing. He longs to be your closest friend.

Desperately longs.


He is calling your name… Can you hear Him?