Release Everything into God’s Hands

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” -(Phil 4:6)

Life can get you down sometimes and you may feel as though you cannot move on from the situation you are stuck in. It may be health or a loss of a loved one; it could be financial stress or loss of a job.  Everyone has moments in life when they are at their worst yet God is working at his best.  

It is hard to see at that moment how things will change, but our Almighty God has already planned our life and has gone through this situation first.  He has set all of the avenues you will need and will send the right people to help you along the way.  You need not worry. Worry will leave you feeling hopeless while prayer will keep you hopeful.  

When we release our worries into God’s hands that is when we will receive his wonderful peace. It will calm your fears and your heart will feel at ease.  You will be overcome by a great sense of relief and you will be able to regain strength secure in the faith that God is taking care of your situation.  The answer may not come in 24 hours or even a week, but rest assured, the answer does come because you have put your faith and trust in our Almighty God.  

He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. He cares so much about us that he does not like when we are upset or crying over our situation.  He wants to hold us and tell us everything will be fine.  We can hear him comforting us if we release our worries into his hand and feel his peace come over us.  It is a unique feeling that leaves your faith stronger and your trust in Him firm.  

Whatever you are going through now, please know that you are not alone, God will provide his grace and strength to comfort you and He will provide the right people along the way to get you through it.  This too shall pass.


Dear Jesus, I surrender my worries into your hands.  I know you are a loving God who listens to my prayers and you hear the prayer of my heart.  I know that you only want the best for me and I choose today to put my trust in you. I choose to trust in you and know you have a perfect plan for my life.  I know you will surprise me and I am going to applaud you in advance for the way my situation will turn. Amen.