A Reflective Christmas Poem

Christmas is a time of laughter and fun.

Kicking back and enjoying everyone.

You are about to explore the true reason…

For this wonderful Christmas season.

Is it about the big man in a red suit?

Although many find him mysterious and cute.

Presents underneath a decorated Christmas tree?

Is there more, come and see.

Let’s reflect on the manger scene,

A lowly birth without pomp and sheen.

Humble beginnings for this lowly king.

Peace on earth angels did sing.

Are we doing things wrong…?

Or are we shaped by our culture that dances to this holiday song.

Mad dash to the mall,

To buy something fun and cute for one and all.

Stockings, stuffing, candles, carols and tinsel all around,

At this season so many sights and sounds.

We make our lists checking it once or twice right.

Rather than bending the knee to the one who came to bring His light.

But often I say, I don’t have time,

I’m busy in the kitchen baking cookies of every kind.

I know there is so much more,

But often I end up exhausted on the floor.

Worried about the money I’ve spent,

Wondering if I have really found the right gift, I need to repent.

A word I use to change my mind,

Oh this is no little rhyme.

I still have some time.

To look for the one that has gone without,

Wondering what Christmas is all about.

Taking some time to find the one that needs Christmas cheer

Stopping for a moment to dry a tear.

Yes our true hope is found in a manger scene…smelly and damp.

A place one could not wish for even a tramp.

Well something magnificent happened that night

And it wasn’t all about bright lights.

Lest I forget the reason we come together on Christmas Eve night.

A manger scene, full of wonder and heavenly delight

A birth so great I’ll not want to rush but bring my pace to a slow.

Yes He didn’t come with a bright bow but a halo.

Holy night, oh so bright.

A sacred time, how divine.

A Saviour came to earth that day,

Joy to the world the angels did say.

But you may say, I may not have time,

To reflect upon a little child a baby boy.

Some call Him Messiah, some call Him a king.

What message do you want to bring.

It’s about looking into the eyes of this precious child,

Oh so meek and mild.

No match for that Christmas toy,

this little boy.

There is a celebration that requires us to just be still until we hear the true sounds of Christmas.

Angels sing,

New born King.

Arise and come,


One and all, hear the call.

Gloria, Gloria.

Our King has come to everyone.

Make room in your heart this day and invite Him in,

You will not be disappointed but rather glad you did.

So know that none of us are exempt from all the hustle and bustle this time of year.

It’s a balancing act, I’m still working at.

But not just once a year bringing Christmas cheer, but 24/7 all throughout the year.

So as you decorate the tree and order on line.

Remember to stop and take some time.

Jesus wants to be your closest friend.

In everything you do, right to the very end.