A Real Change Led to a New Reality

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Things started to change when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, tragedy sometimes triggers REAL change and that is what happened in my home, workplace and heart. It was through the bravery of my mother, after her diagnosis that opened new ideas, one of which was incorporating therapeutic grade essential oils into our lives. Once this happened, we were quickly appreciative that they offered emotional support for everyone in the family, as well as helping to make my mother more physically comfortable. Our respect for these natural gifts grew and so, we were encouraged to dive deeper. Now they have become a part of our daily routines.

I am here to tell you, therapeutic grade essential oils work. The only thing you need to do is to give them a try. You will quickly discover their beauty. After a year of successfully using essential oils in our home, I decided it was time to continue training, so that I could educate the people that I love.  There is a time and place for conventional medicine, but it may not be necessary for every headache, ache or pain.  There are other options and all it takes is opening your mind and trying, in order to rediscover a very old method of treating physiological and psychological conditions. It is important to understand that scientific research supports the use of therapeutic essential oils. So, I am not sharing any hocus pocus with you.

I was all ready and certainly excited to write a ‘Back to School’ theme for this initial article, but reassessed and felt I needed to slow down, start with an introduction and basis from where to begin with in terms of therapeutic essential oils. For some of you, this may be knowledge you have already acquired and if so, you will most likely agree with what you are about to read. If this is a new concept, I welcome you to continue on reading because I know this oil journey will change your life for the better. These natural and versatile oils truly have so much to offer us. If you are conscious about using healthier options for immune and emotional support, DIY beauty and cleaning products or adding them as food flavourings I am certain you will love this ‘journey’.

Essential oils contain the essential ‘bits’ of what is needed for a plant to survive. A plant does not get to visit a local hospital to repair itself. Plants are able to regenerate themselves and sustain extreme weather conditions. The oil from a plant is extracted using steam distillation from a part of the plant such as the root, leaf, bark or flower and in the case of citrus oils, the oil is cold pressed from the rind. If you were not aware some of the healthiest parts of the citrus fruit are found in the rind which is often what we toss in to the bin. Without boring you with big scientific words like monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, instead I will tell you the basics of what you need to know which is oil contains essential constituents. These constituents are captured through the process of extracting the essential oil so that we have accessibility to them.

What makes these oils so wonderful is how fast the body can absorb these wonder molecules. To give you an insight into how small these molecules are, one drop of essential oil contains 40 million trillion molecules. Wow, that number always amazes me!  Our body’s cells have cell walls that are made of a lipid (fat). What is able to penetrate a lipid is another lipid and essential oil are lipids. Hence the body does not need to metabolize the essential oils before making good use of it. Instead the essential oil begins to do its’ work as soon as it enters a cell. When applied topically it starts its’ work at the cellular level. As well as applying topically, an essential oil can be diffused using an ultrasonic diffuser. I recommend not using a candle because candles add heat and can change the chemical structure of the essential oil.

Pure grade oils can also be used to flavour foods. It is critical to note, that not all essential oils should be ingested. I only recommend the Young Living Vitality range to be ingested. These pure grade oils are great to add to almost any shake, dip or marinade. I particularly enjoy a few drops of orange oil in my raw energy balls. I promise to provide some recipes to you in my upcoming articles.

A very important mention is that not all essential oils are made the same. It is important to research the company/brand that you are going to trust your health with. A large percentage of essential oils available have been adulterated and this is not what we consider a therapeutic essential oil. After years of trying what was on the market, many of my clients reported best results while using Young Living Essential oils. After researching this company more, I understood why. It is the only company that Seed and Seal their essential oils. They maintain very strict standards on the farms they own and co-op with all around the world. Young Living is beyond a company that supplies top grade essential oils they are committed to making the world a better place through their Foundation work as well.

The use of essential oils dates back to biblical times and has made an explosive comeback over the last couple of years. The power of the internet is getting these messages out much faster and providing all of us with information to choose what some would call alternative options. There are some great studies being published on websites such as AIRASE (The Association of Research for Aromatic Science and Education), WebMD and PubMed about the benefits and uses of therapeutic essential oils. AIRASE is a great place for a beginner to start learning more about the use of essential oils. There are so many online aromatherapy courses such through the Certificate of Excellence which provides you the option to certify at a reasonable cost. This is just the beginning of many future Just Saying articles on essential oils. Step by step I will help to support you and to provide guidance for getting you started on your oil journey.

I would be happy to answer your questions or provide further support. hooplaessentials@gmail.com or whatsapp 852-9774-1222.

Paula Lepore Burrough is the President and Owner of Hoopla Essentials.