Quiet Reflections with Jill

I recently read a passage of scripture that leapt off the pages of the Bible. I must confess that I have a hard time staying on a daily reading plan but today was an exception. I was reading from my 2 year bible and that day the reading started in 1 Chronicles 25:1:

“David and the army commanders then appointed men from the families of Asaph, Hemen, Jeduthum to proclaim God’s messages to the accompaniment of harps, lyres and cymbals. Here is a list of their names and their work.”

What struck me from that passage was that each one of us has been given the unique privilege of proclaiming God’s message. God is so creative and wonderful that he has chosen us to relay His message of hope and love and we proclaim it in so many diverse ways. It could be as simple as a smile. I recently had someone share a story with me about a young man who was very depressed and was heading home to contemplate suicide when he suddenly dropped the items in his arms that he was carrying. As they tumbled to the ground he thought to himself, ” I can’t even hold onto things, my life is falling apart. I have nothing good to live for….” Out of nowhere a thoughtful girl came by and started to gather up his items and as she handed them back to him, she said with a big smile. “Have a wonderful day!” and she went on her way. That man thought to himself. Life can’t be so bad. She smiled at me. She spoke kindly to me. As he went home he was filled with renewed hope and his former thoughts of ending his life were replaced by thoughts of purpose and hope.

This one act of kindness was all it took to shift the course of this man’s life. We too have the ability to transform lives. We are all called to proclaim God’s message of love and hope. We may not proclaim through many words but they could be exactly what are needed. We are God’s messengers, His ambassadors to the world. It is my hope and prayer to reflect Him well. When I fail, I am reminded that I am not able to accomplish anything of eternal value apart from Him. I desire to show forth His character, a reflection of His divine nature.

I read recently that the only way we can effectively reflect God well is by staying connected to the vine. Our lives will not bear the desired fruit apart from Him. Instead of working for God we are letting Him live His life through us. We are not just servants of God but He calls us His friend. Intimacy with God requires devotion, dedication and quite simply time spent alone with Him.

How many times have I failed to just go to the well of living water to get a spiritual drink? Instead my flesh cries out to open the refrigerator door or pick up the phone to call a friend. What I really needed was to open the Word and let it wash over my weary and thirsty soul.

I’ve also heard someone say “What we behold we become.” This principle is true, what we focus on really starts to reflect in our thoughts and actions. As we reflect on God’s Word, it reflects back to us like a mirror. As we look into God’s treasure chest, the bible, it is then that we are able to see our true reflection. It mirrors back to us what we believe and helps us to recalculate our direction in life and keeps us on course. This mirrored reflection may also remind us of an old truth we have been neglecting and it sparks renewed love for God’s word. As we behold the truth found in God’s Word we become transformed back to our original state of being. The original you…the one whom God calls… chosen, loved, forgiven, cherished, special, cared for and important. The list goes on and on. Just like the man who thought that his life was no longer worth living, was given a new and fresh message by one simple act of kindness which told him in a non verbal way that he was loved, important, cared for and worthy.

The bible is filled with many true stories of ordinary men and women who through mistakes and failures, blessings and victories were all learning how to walk with God. These people in the bible are just like you and me, they had their ups and downs. But as we read their stories we find hope, healing and courage to live strong and bold for God. We see through their mistakes that God still has a plan and that He is merciful and gracious not treating us as our sins deserve. As we take the time to study and let God speak to us we can learn many valuable lessons to apply to our own life journey.

Take for example the story of Ruth. When I read this story I see faithfulness, commitment and obedience. I see sorrows turned to joy. Many people can identify in some way with this true life story of restoration and healing. Two widowed women find protection, provision and purpose again. God is able to turn our lives around . Where we have wondered off and strayed away from Him and left feeling we have lost it all we can turn back to Him and find healing and restoration. Naomi lost everything and returned to her homeland empty. Ruth a foreigner and daughter-in-law found favor in the eyes of her soon to be kinsmen redeemer. This is the scarlet thread we see from this story. Jesus is our kinsmen and our redeemer. His blood shed on the cross has paid the ransom for our sin and He became our Kinsmen Redeemer. What a wonderful love story weaved all through the bible.

Do you feel dry and barren lacking a certain level of direction and purpose? Go back to the basics, which is time alone with God. Restore your love relationship with Him. Cultivate your relationship with Him by setting aside time to meet with Him. Ask Him to reignite a desire to draw close to Him. The bible says those who earnestly seek Him will find Him. I am reminded that if I truly want to make a difference in this world, I need to stay connected to the One who is the difference maker.

With so many messages bombarding our minds today we need to be reminded daily of the truths found in God’s Word. These words are timeless and true. May you enjoy sitting at the feet of Jesus today and let His truth wash over your soul. Then as you go about your day, you may be the one who brings a timely message of hope and love that could possibly change the course of someone’s day!