Nature’s Teachable Moments

Traveling Light And Letting Go: Lessons The Butterfly Taught Me

Butterfly, butterfly fluttering here and fluttering there.

What do you want to teach me as you go about without a care?

Helter, skelter, come what may, my ears are open to what you say?

Up so high and down so low, it seems like you just go as the wind blows!!!

So carefree, so light, rising up out of sight.

Not a burden not a care, you just flutter anywhere.

You’re so free, your load just right, a yoke so easy, a burden so light.

Oh so gentle, no worry to carry, fresh, bright and airy.

I will learn from you my sweet butterfly friend.

You whisper freedom, joy and hope that speaks of a better end.

So many burdens can weigh me down, I need to be lifted like a crown.

Since heaven is my true home, I must travel light but not alone.

I know now if I want to rise up high, like you… my lovely butterfly

I must let go and learn how to grow… my wings so I can fly.