The Donatwins Following Their Dreams

Image by Donatwins

Giacomo and Gianluca Donati, better known as the Donatwins on YouTube and the world-wide web are the real deal. They are two brothers from Ravenna, Italy living out their dreams. I recently met with them in a Piazza in Ravenna to catch up after a year and a bit since they had stayed with our family in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. So much had happened in a year!

Giacomo talked excitedly as he relayed how he and his brother Gianluca made a decision to follow their passion. He said that it wasn’t until they came to Canada and started seeing the world through a new lens that they decided to pursue their dreams. Now they use their eyes and their new camera equipment to create magical visions for all of us to enjoy.

Both Giacomo and Ginaluca said that their trip to Canada changed their way of thinking and their outlook on life. However, I must add that they both have a growth mindset, as mastery is a mindset – what you believe you will achieve. The Donatwins see the positive in situations and they work hard to make things happen. These two young men are creative and imaginative, yet they are also open to learn and explore.

While visiting and staying with us at our home in Ottawa, Giacomo explained how my husband Pino and I had encouraged both he and his brother to follow their passions, to live their dreams and to do what they believe deep down inside they were created to do here on this earth. This to me re-confirmed the power that is found in our words. We can either encourage people or discourage people with what we say and how we say it. I believe we need to be discerning and to discover the strengths and talents that people have and then help them to make a plan as to how they will follow their dreams based on their God-given talents and abilities.

Giacomo and Gianluca Donati started a few years ago experimenting with camera and videography. Watch this You Tube video on Milano and follow their passions with them. I encourage you to tune into their future adventures and travel with them. Their journeys can be found on Facebook – Donatwins – and their website