Meditation with Georgia

Have you ever thought that there is a strain to being and not doing? Do you find that even if you are playing Lego with your kids or grandkids that your mind wanders to all the other things you could be or should be doing?

If this is you, then my meditation series is designed to help you to regain more meaning in your life. This series will provide you with steps as to how you can relax, so that you are able to experience and enjoy daily activities such as talking to your spouse or going for a bike ride with your child. Try to incorporate this meditation series into your routine by making it a habit!

The October edition of Just Saying features the fourth and final video in this meditation series. Along with learning how to relax, I want to continue to encourage you to do something for yourself every day. Be kind to yourself. This will go a long way to assisting you with inner peace. You are worth it! Yoga and meditation have helped me to stay well and to feel good for years.

If you would like this for yourself, you are welcome to connect with me to set-up something personally for yourself or for you and your friends or colleagues. My email is Please send me an email and let me know your need and together, we can consider solutions to enhance your life!