Made Whole

The dictionary’s definition of the word whole is such:

To contain all the components, to be restored and healed when touched.

It is a thing not wounded, injured or impaired

A thing lacking no part—complete in one’s care.

When something is reviewed in whole, it means all things are considered

My sins, my faults, my wrongs…even the things that make me bitter

Yet despite all these things, He still loves me so.

When I think of all his goodness, I can only say… “Oh,”

“He touched me, oh he touched me and oh the joy that floods my soul. Something happened and now I know He touched me and made me whole…”

Whole…He made me whole.

He made me whole…redone, another chance for a sinner like me to be made… whole.

All sins washed away, a brand new day…whole.

He made me whole from the— hole in the ground where He found me.

All dirty and beaten, crying and alone in a — hole that no one else could see.

Hiding behind this friendly smile that people love to see.

“You have such a pretty smile”, they say, “You must be so happy.”

But only He knows the pain that hides behind the smile they see.

Only He knows the holes that bear the hurt that dwell inside of me.

The dictionary defines this hole in a different way…not quite the same taste.

This one means an opening…a gap…a hollow place.

An embarrassing position, to find fault in, a flaw.

Deep or shallow, large or small.

“What are these holes?” You ask, “Do you have them of your own?”

You might… for some are obvious and some might be unknown.

They are the holes you thought you mended when they first came along.

The holes of abuse, regret, sadness, guilt, mistrust, worry, shame, fear, pain…the list goes on.

Just because you don’t think of them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

You did a great job of hiding them that you thought they disappeared.

Only for them to resurface… when you get too close—

To someone who you fall for and care about most.

Then all of a sudden the holes you thought you patched starts leaking through the sides.

And it’s only a matter of time before that water starts to rise.

You think to yourself, “How can this be? I left that in the past.”

But what you fail to see is that you tried to rebuild on a foundation that couldn’t last.

For without God, the past you hide can always be revealed.

Because the holes you thought you filled were simply covered and not sealed.

We need His holy touch to make ourselves new.

No MAC make up or Sephora lipstick can beautify the pain that runs through,

Our veins, our heart so hard and so cold.

Makes it difficult to trust anyone, whether new or old.

But God is the key, His blood washes clean

All the tears, shame and worry, hurt that can’t always be seen.

He wants to pour into you, the substance for your life.

To overflow you with greatness, love…maybe a husband… maybe a wife!

Because I am His child I know His peace dwells within.

The hurt from my past, the weight of my sin,

Has no more hold on me, for I am free in my soul

His grace is what strengthens me. I have now been made whole.