Life’s Journey

When we choose to be the driver not the passenger on this long journey, we assume responsibility for each climb and skid.

We navigate the treacherous course as best we know how, acquiring new skills along the way.

But what we don’t realize is while we are negotiating every turn, we miss the scenery around us.

We focus on the pebbles and rocks so much so that we overlook the blooming trees right there on the curb.

It is only after we reach our destination that we look back and discover that it always takes both the greenery and the boulders to complete the scene.

It is then that we brace ourselves to have made this particular trip and get ready for yet another ride.

The journey is endless, but in the next phase of the course we ought to keep one eye on the bumpy road and the other eye on the flowery green hedges.

Hidden somewhere is always a mysterious angel looking after us and showing us the way.