Learn from Mom

“Motherhood is… difficult and… rewarding.” – Gloria Estefan

This week’s writing will be in honor of Mother’s Day and in appreciation of our mothers and those who are like a mother to us.

In the quote from Gloria, we could easily replace the word Motherhood with the word Sales.

“Sales is… difficult and… rewarding.” – Donna Wright

What can we learn from Moms that help us in sales?


1. Moms have a remarkable ability to care. Little things, big things, all things that are important to their loved ones are important to a mom.

Our customers will respond favorably to us when we care about what they care about. A good sales person recognizes what is important to their customers and their customer recognizes they care for them.


2. Moms listen with their hearts. They hear more than words, they hear our feelings. A mom can draw out your innermost desires.

We need to listen to the feelings of our customers. We need to help them reveal their deepest desires. We know that people buy emotionally, from the heart, and with that being said, we need to listen well and listen with our hearts.


3. Moms work tirelessly for others, while putting their own needs aside.

Our customers need us to be focused on their needs. We should be working for their best interest and on their behalf. Customers need salespeople to help them buy. Good salespeople work tirelessly with their customer to solve any problems that are keeping them from purchasing. Overcoming objections, solving problems, giving advice and guidance on how to buy property.


4. Moms plan and prepare. Meals do not magically appear on a table and clothes do not wash and hang themselves up. Houses become homes from the plans and preparedness of a mom.

Sales will not magically appear without planning and preparation. It takes KIT calls, follow up, goals, property knowledge, and continued learning for sales to appear. Dreams become realities from the plans and preparedness of a salesperson.


5. Moms persevere. They never give up. They will fight to the end for those they love.

In sales and in life, we must fight for and never give up on:

°     Our dreams

°     Our goals.

°     Our customers.

°     Our beliefs.

°     Ourselves.


Let’s face it… MOMS are Special.

In their honor, let’s be grateful for the valuable lessons learned from a mom and the many admirable characteristics of a mom. Where would we be without them?

Have a great weekend of selling.