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I woke up early one morning with fear gripping at my very being, as I knew this article had to be written and the magazine needed to be published. Fear kept reminding me that my schedule was overbooked. Fear kept insisting that I won’t get the article written on time. As I lay in bed, fear conveniently highlighted to me the long To Do list that I had to tackle, and I hadn’t even planted my feet on the ground yet to begin the day. Does this sound familiar? Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling as if you are defeated prior to even stepping out of bed? Does fear penetrate your ideas, your thoughts, your creativity before there is even a chance of them taking root? Does fear wipe all hope away before the hope becomes a reality?

On this particular morning, I could have remained frozen, clinging to fear, allowing fear to rule my mind, allowing it to convince me that I should just throw the sheets back over my head and to not even attempt to seize the day. Fear mockingly suggested, “Why bother trying, you will never accomplish all that needs to be done”? Hope’s voice quickly rushed in and spoke with greater clarity and kindness, as it softly and eloquently reminded me:


Fear is your enemy, Hope is your friend!


As I listened intently to hope’s plea, I wondered how I could get fear to leave me alone so that I might endeavor to undertake the tasks that seemed insurmountable. Fear continued hanging around, tagging along, even as I began to write this article. Fear would not take the hint that I had more important things to do with my time then to sit and listen to its nagging cries.

It was then that hope planted a thought in my mind, ‘listen to some music, meditate and relax’. I battled with this very sound advice, as I had too much to do to take the time out as hope was instructing me. Yet deep down inside, I knew that the wisdom that was being bestowed upon me, I needed to heed. I sat at my computer, proceeded to Google and searched the word overwhelmed. To my amazement the song Overwhelmed, by Big Daddy Weave, popped up on my screen. As the war with fear still raged within me, I decided not to give into its very insistent voice, and instead I choose to listen to the voices of hope and wisdom. I intentionally watched the video and allowed the words of the song to penetrate my soul. It was just what I needed, wisdom and hope were shinning down upon me, and I was truly grateful for their presence and their friendship. As I sang along, I sat peacefully and calmly meditating on the words.

Whatever type of day you are having, whether it is hectic or serine, I encourage you to take the time now to listen to the words of Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave and to watch the video. If you allow the message to sink into your heart, mind and soul you will be forever changed:



The lyrics and the video reminded me that my hope is in God always, because I know He is able, and He cares, even when fear tries to steal my hope away. I am steadfast that faith is the confidence in what I hope for and assurance about what I do not see. Even if I am unable to see with my natural sight, I remain assured in believing and knowing that all things will work out for good. By allowing wisdom to conquer over fear, I will continue to gain a depth of knowledge and understanding that is more profitable than silver or gold. I hope the same for you!

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