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Founder and Editorial Director

Is it February already? Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas? Are the memories of singing Christmas carols, spending time with family and friends still lingering in your mind? I know they are with me. I find the older I get, the faster life seems to just fly by. That is why I am setting out to be more intentional with my time, my thoughts, my actions and my deeds.

I have come to realize that intentionality is key to making it through life with promise and purpose. If I become intentional with the words that I speak, with the promises that I make, with the time that I spend with my family, life I have noted, becomes easier and more manageable. It is when I am less intentional, that chaos seems to set in.

Now you might be thinking, ‘well some people are intentionally nasty, or some people intentionally lie and hurt others’. Yes, you would be right in your thinking. Therefore I must quality the type of intentionality I am writing about. The intentionality I am writing about has to do with being purposefully positive, by wanting to impact my life and the lives around me in a manner that contributes to, adds to, and does not diminish or subtract from. How do I do this with competing priorities, and a limited amount of time to accomplish all that I need to accomplish?

Each day I set out to be intentional in all that I do and all that I say. Do I always succeed? No, I do not, but it is becoming easier. When I mess up and snap at a loved one, or think bad thoughts about the person who is to clear my driveway of snow but hasn’t, I quickly realize that this behavior is intentional, it is intentionally wrong. I am becoming much faster at apologizing to the loved one that I was curt with, or reframing my thoughts regarding the snow that is piling up in my driveway and realizing that eventually someone will come to clear the snow, and in the meantime, I intentionally choose to go about my day.

I choose to intentionally speak with hope, kindness and care to my daughter and my husband, every single day, all day long. I intentionally stop what I am doing and I am fully present as I listen to my daughter when she arrives home from school and wants to tell me about her day. I intentionally stop my work when I am getting tired and need a break, as before I would just work and work and work into the wee hours of the morning. I intentionally laugh, sing and dance around my house, with my daughter and husband. I intentionally do not speak out negative thoughts about others, as I know this negativity only produces a toxic environment that is not healthy for my daughter to grow accustomed to. I have intentionally decided that to be mindful with the little things, eventually spills over into intentionality in the bigger things, yet I realize as well, the biggest thing is to be intentional in the home, with my family. That is my most important job, that is my most important calling in life, to be positively intentional and to impact my family in an intentionally growth oriented methodological approach. There is no higher calling.

What will you decide to become more intentional at? Do you live with intentionality by impacting yourself and others in a positive way, or are your current thoughts, words and deeds impacting in a deficit fashion by diminishing yourself and those around you? Think about it, what do you want and need to be intentional about, and how will this impact your life for both now and into the future?

I encourage you to be intentional this February, by finding others around you to love and to care for. February is known as the month of love, as Valentine’s Day is smack right in the middle of the month. Intentionally and genuinely love those around you, even if they are not loveable. Find intentionality of love that comes deep from within and melts away some of the pain and hurt that was intentionally thrust upon you. Choose to be intentionally lovely.

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