Just Saying with Dr. Cheryl

Founder and Editorial Director

Happy New Year to ALL of the Faithful Readers! I pray that 2018 is filled with prosperity, new dreams and new visions that reach far beyond your wildest expectations! A New Year stirs up excitement regarding the unknown. Most of us begin the New Year with optimism for a stable life that carries with it an abundance of health and happiness. Even if 2017 involved unwelcomed events and unexpected turns in the road, the hope of 2018, defeats the call of calamity.

Ringing in a New Year may elicit, left over emotions, unsatisfied expectations, and unfinished goals that are coupled with the setting of new ones. So much rides on January 1st and beyond. Yet should we allow it to? As for some of us, we look back over 2017 by pondering the pounds we should have lost and the relationships that went astray. We attempt to tackle new beginnings with a fresh optimism that the wrongs become right and the heartaches less raw. There is something about the ‘newness’ of a year that is refreshing to the mind, body and soul. This freshness sweeps over us like a soft waterfall, washing away all of the pain, sorrow and discontentment of the past year. This newness clothes us with the garment of hope that envisions unchartered territory yet to be discovered.

A New Year is a time for us to shore up our chances and to begin again, or so we might think. As hopeful as we may be to start new and fresh, we may continue to allow a battle to rage in our minds by permitting voices of despair, to overcome the optimistic hope that we can begin again, and that we can start anew and afresh. I am writing this to bring you hope, that you can start over, you can begin again, it is never too late. New Years’ often consumes our thoughts with new goals and new expectations, yet are we being reasonable? If these goals do not work out the way that we had envisioned, will we be able to forgive ourselves, to love ourselves despite the letdowns?


As you step into 2018, I want to encourage you to ask yourself, what are you feeding your mind? Are you feeding it healthy, reasonable, responsible and accountable thoughts? Are you able to encourage yourself, to speak into your very being kindness and love? Do you have the ability to humor yourself, to give yourself a break, despite failure and discouragement? Do your thoughts display a masterpiece in your mind? In 2018, will you choose to create a beautiful piece of art, sketched out by the positive words that flood your mind?

Or will you create a life-picture that resembles a heap of messy, stinky garbage spewing forth as a result of the unhealthy, unstable and irresponsible words that you are feeding your mind?


Just Saying is designed to help you make healthy choices as to what you decide to feed your mind. For the thoughts that you choose to say to yourself and to listen to, you will eventually speak out and live out. Ask yourself, what are you saying to yourself? Are your words helpful or destructive? What are you reading? What TV shows and movies are you watching? Who are your friends? Are your friends a positive influence, or a negative influence? As I was writing this article, I came across the following quote, “It’s so nice when toxic people stop talking to you. It’s like the trash took itself out” (Author Unknown). Are you hanging out with toxic people that you need to rid yourself of, or are you that toxic person that needs to change?

In 2018, I want to encourage you to set goals that will help you to renew your mind and to rid it of unwanted, unstable words and thoughts. These negative words and thoughts will only de-habilitate you, they will destroy you. Instead, start each day with renewed thoughts of hope and encouragement. Begin each day in 2018, by encouraging yourself with the little and the big things. Throughout your day, continually speak life giving words to yourself, be kind to yourself, be your best friend. If you choose to do this, your positive words will eventually become a habit and a new way of thinking.


The team of Just Saying contributors want to help you to rid your thoughts of toxicity and to become transformed by the renewing of your mind. Transforming lives is the goal of the magazine! By opening up the electronic pages of Just Saying, you will experience the unfolding stories that promote healthy lifestyles through relationships, music, faith, family, food, fitness, fashion, finance and fun!

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