Just Saying with Dr. Cheryl

Founder and Editorial Director

Reflecting on the images that the month of November brings to mind for many of us are, poppies, tomb stones, grey skies, soldiers and war. It is a time of Remembrance. Remembrance for all of the sacrifices of the men and women that have gone before us, that have given up their lives for our freedom in both World War I and World War II. Some died in battle, some returned from war with injuries that could be seen, others suffered unseen injuries that scared them for a lifetime.

On Remembrance Day, November 11th, we set aside this special day to honour those who fought for our freedom. As I was thinking about what to write, I was finding it extremely difficult to conjure up words that would appropriately express appreciation for all that these soldiers have given to you and to I. Words just seem so inadequate. As I was grappling with this dilemma, I discovered this quote by John F. Kennedy:

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Reflecting upon John F. Kennedy’s quote, I am reminded that Remembrance Day is definitely about the people that have lost their lives, and those who have been injured and those who returned safely. Yet, it is also about the ideals, the values and the beliefs that you and I stand for. Remembrance Day is set aside as a time for all of us to respect our past, and look hopeful towards our future, by being thankful to those who have served.

The November edition of Just Saying, is dedicated to all men and women both past and present, who have fought or continue to fight for freedom. These people have made or are making sacrifice after sacrifice that many of us know little or nothing about. Some of the contributors of Just Saying, have written stories surrounding remembrance and forgiveness. As without forgiveness our scares manifest in ways that continue to produce wars back home.

The following quote prompts all of us to be the voice for those who no longer have a voice here on this earth. It is our decision to choose how we enact our voices. Are they voices of hope and peace? Or voices of hatred and anger? Which will you choose?

“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them.” -Czeslaw Milosz, “The Issa Valley”

As you read through the articles in Just Saying, I encourage you to decide for yourself to give peace a chance, even in the midst of unspeakable hurt and sorrow.

With hearts filled with Remembrance, the Just Saying community is one united voice wanting to reach the nations of the world to offer hope, encouragement and healing. By opening up the electronic pages of Just Saying you will experience the unfolding stories that promote healthy lifestyles through relationships, travel, music, faith, family, food, fitness, finance and fun!

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