Jenny’s Best Movie Picks for a Family Time-Out

This summer introduce your kids to some of the oldie but goodies from the movie vault on Pure Flix. You can access these family friendly and Christian movies at

The Lion King (1994)

Rated G

The first movie heartbreak in the lives of 90s kids was likely when they watched the Lion King, an equally heartbreaking and heartwarming tale of a young lion who needs to stand up and save his pride from his evil uncle Scar. With help from pals like Timon (meerkat) and Pumbaa (warthog), Simba is able to overcome even the most difficult problems.

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Star Wars (1977)

Rated PG

You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy George Lucas’s old-fashioned tale of outer-space adventure. Lucas was trying to capture the thrill he had as a child watching Saturday-afternoon matinees. This is the real target audience for this beloved pop-culture totem where a child is able to experience a hero’s journey from boyhood to manhood for the very first time. The rest of us are simply re-experiencing the nostalgia of when we saw the first Star Wars and now you can experience this with your own child(ren). We can all be seven years old, sitting in the dark and bonding over the knowledge that the force is within each and every one of us.

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Frozen (2013)

Rated PG

Ever since she was a girl, Elsa, princess of Arendelle, has had literally chilling powers. With a wave of her hand she can cover everything around her in ice and snow. However, when her frosty abilities nearly kill her sister, Anna, Elsa is confined to a room in her castle, not to emerge until she comes of age for her queenly coronation. On that day, unsurprisingly, things go very awry, and the two sisters—with help from a friendly snowman—must work together to save the kingdom from eternal winter. The almost instantaneous popularity speaks to the film’s success—not to mention countless parents who admittedly sang along to Menzel’s show-stopping, self-actualizing ballad “Let It Go” more than a few times.

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Finding Nemo (2003)

Rated PG

Nemo is a much loved movie for people of all ages. The adventures of a neurotic clownfish searching for his lost son halfway across the ocean not only contain a valuable lesson about letting children make their own mistakes, it also brings the family-friendly funny, thanks to Albert Brooks’s nebbish hero and Ellen DeGeneres’s forgetful-to-a-fault regal tag-along Dory.

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