Inspirational Christmas Shopping

Are you receiving too many Christmas gifts that eventually just end up gathering dust? Or, are you rushing about to buy for the people on your Christmas list who genuinely don’t need one more item of clothing, or one more piece of costume jewelry?

A number of years ago, after I had finished wrapping and writing cards for 44 people, I knew that something needed to change. From that moment forward, I decided that I would only give gifts to children. As well, rather than accepting gifts, if the giver would agree to provide me any amount up to $30, I would then collect money and buy a gift card for $300.00 to Walmart and a gift card for $300.00 to Loblaws.

It was an idea that was also embraced by a dear family member. Between the two of us, we sponsored 20 families in 7 years. You do the math (:-). It was wonderful to see the difference that we were able to make in the lives of people who needed it most. The best part, was watching the number of contributors grow and grow. Complete strangers sent us cheques. This initiative, birthed out of having too much, grew to become a team effort, where we all gave to those who had very little. Doing a good deed was the best and most meaningful gift of all!

If you have too much, and do not need one more Christmas gift, I invite you to begin a similar initiative. Either begin this challenge alone, or with a group of people. Watch and see how blessing others less fortunate, will actually end up blessing you!