He Has A Plan, A Purpose…

Under a cloud of darkness
Surrounded everywhere
Thoughts that bring sadness
Feelings of despair

The conversations haunt me
Disillusion and confusion
The truth should be well known
But it is dismissed as intrusion

I can hold on to the hope
Found in Jesus Christ my Savior
He lay his life upon a cross
That should affect my behaviour

I know this life is not my own
God wants control of me
He has a plan, a purpose
He wants to prosper thee

If I should lift my eyes to heaven
Where would my help come from
It comes from the maker
Not the air, the wind or sun

Joy is found within me
I call upon his name
He hears my cries and answers me,
His gift removes my shame

I am strengthened by the words
Jesus loves me this I know
It brings me comfort on dark days
Because the bible tells me so

Here today I touch the lives
Of all who enter my day
Gone tomorrow when he calls
His light will guide my way

I will share my life with him
Obedient to the call
I will trust the days events
Knowing he won’t let me fall

So when the darkness looms ahead
And tries to snuff out my light
I will call out Jesus’ name
And know he hears my plight

He will lift me in his arms
Or have the Holy Spirit be my guide
He will give me my instructions
I will put away my pride

I will work in faithful yearning
For the time when it is done
When all things work together
And our redeemer Christ has come