Gordon and Mocha

Gordon and Mocha are Pugs and Share Pei mix
And they love to play and take very long walks
They are a pair and a very happy lot
They came to be loved in a special place called home
For they came to know love and a special touch
They came with pedigree papers
For the whole world to know
To show that they were loved and adored
Now they do know they are specially loved
They have a special glow
They always have a smile
For they are given a place of grace to grow
Their masters now give them a place in their hearts
A little blanket and a little bed
One for Gordon and one for Mocha
And now they are safe and a happy pair they are
And when you see them taking their walk
For you will know them by their smiles
Now they bring laughter and happiness to all
Taking a stroll around the block
A love gift Gordon and Mocha taking their walk

Buttons & Bows
Poetry & Art by: Anne Cameron