Get Your Fire Back

Are you stuck in a rut, with no drive and confidence to pursue your aspirations? Do you keep making disastrous choices in your life? Do you feel like the Powerless You? Perhaps you wake up every morning saying: “Why bother? I’ll never be a success. I’ll never find a job. I’ll never be able to pay my debts. I can’t do this, it’s too hard.” And the list goes on and on.

Perhaps life disappointments are so overwhelming that all you see is darkness, and you wonder if life is worth living. Maybe you were betrayed and your spouse left you, and your heart is filled with sadness and feelings of abandonment. Or your inner spark died as a result of too much stress and disappointments.

Whatever reason is behind your loss of enthusiasm and excitement for life, know that you can bounce back by activating your Be Happy app. Remind yourself that you are the Marvelous You, born to be a visionary and a powerful creator, not just an observer of life. Take time to reflect on what you want your life to be and who you want to be.

Ask yourself: Is my life mission still relevant? Am I on the right path? What do I truly want to accomplish? Do I have new dreams? Am I afraid of failure? Do I lack discipline? Do I love myself enough to make favorable choices? Am I tired of being frustrated? Do I truly want change in my life

Try to understand how you went from flying high to flying low. With greater clarity on your spark extinguishers, you will reenergize yourself. You are pure creativity, fully equipped to live your best life. Don’t let self-oppression and self-doubt stop you from creating your best life. You can’t change the past, but you can change tomorrow.

Long working hours can take a toll on your health and sap your energy. If stress is your spark extinguisher, take time to relax your mind and body. A large number of relaxation techniques and exercises are available to reduce fatigue, re-awaken your enthusiasm, and re-ignite your drive.

If not living your dreams is your spark extinguisher, then go back to the drawing board. Happiness and success are yours. Set a new vision and inspiring goals. Find the why and how behind what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to change your life. Craft an action plan, get in gear, and find satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. You are meant to live to the utmost of your greatness. With commitment, self-control, and determination, you have the power to direct your intentions and actions towards your dreams.

Life’s disappointments can be like tsunamis that extinguish your inner spark. From shattered dreams to wrongful dismissal, life’s setbacks can be brutal to withstand, especially when they involve other people who have hurt you. If holding a grudge is your spark extinguisher, activate your Love Power app, as inviting forgiveness into your heart is the key to get your fire back. Forgiveness means moving forward in spite of your hurts. Letting go of the past heals your wounds and gives you wings to fly.

If your spark extinguisher is a roadblock, do not lose sight of who you are, the Marvelous You. Roadblocks are challenges to overcome, not to paralyze you. You are courageous, resilient, and hopeful, right? Pull out your contingency plan and get into action. Feed your disappointments with small actions and faith. You will fire yourself back up.

Comparing yourself to others is another spark extinguisher. Learn from others, but beware of the negative self-image trap. Don’t lose sight that your contribution to the world is unique. Those aspirations of yours will come about as you are true to yourself. Nothing will keep you from your destiny except yourself.

If a lack of discipline is your spark extinguisher, you need to understand that only you can change your life. Change takes effort and commitment, but the payback is enormous as you are moving towards your desires. Love yourself enough to create an environment that sustains your efforts. For example, be accountable to someone of your progress, have a mentor or coach, find someone to help out, improve your organizational skills, and celebrate your mini-successes.

It’s never too late to ignite your inner spark again. Remember that flowers bloom in all seasons. Be confident and say, “I choose to be all that I can be no matter what. I have great expectations for today and tomorrow. I stand strong in my commitment to live my best life.”

As you get your fire back, you will warm up the world with your sparks of energy, excitement, creativity, and love. Be of great faith, and trust the Infinite Power of the universe to open doors for you and ease your way.