Georgia’s To Do List

  1. I am positive in my attitude
  2. I am accepting of others
  3. I am forgiving
  4. It’s ok for me to be happy
  5. My life has the purpose I choose to give
  6. I am happy
  7. I render others to be independent of me
  8. I expect nothing and accept everything
  9. I am filled with loving kindness
  10. I accept myself as I am
  11. I choose my own values and beliefs
  12. I include myself among those I love
  13. My life is a statement of who I am
  14. I can be do and have whatever I desire
  15. When I love myself then I can love others
  16. I enjoy the process and let go of the outcome
  17. I listen to my heart and follow its guidance
  18. I am filled with loving kindness
  19. I speak my truth
  20. I am well
  21. My love sets others free
  22. I am a gift to others
  23. I am responsible for my own happiness
  24. I am free to choose
  25. It’s ok for me to be happy
  26. All things lead to my success
  27. I am
  28. I find the gift in each experience
  29. I let go of beliefs that no longer serve me
  30. I accept myself exactly as I am
  31. I am a healer
  32. I let go and trust
  33. I manifest my destiny
  34. I am free
  35. I am grateful
  36. I do what I love
  37. I am goodness
  38. I am in the present moment
  39. I let go of worry
  40. I express creative thoughts
  41. I choose for love
  42. I accept others as a gift
  43. I let go of guilt
  44. I am one with all people
  45. I am filled with loving kindness
  46. I welcome changes
  47. I see my life from relevance
  48. I experience the lessons I need to learn
  49. I accept that my life is what I have chosen