Begin to Meditate with Georgia

Ever since I was a little child I have been hyperactive and there was no Ritalin at that time to settle me down. Fortunately I have found that yoga and meditation settle me at the most challenging moments. Yoga is also a gift to self. The benefits of meditation help to calm you, lower your blood pressure and give you peace of mind. Do you want this for yourself? What do you need to be well, keep well and stay well? There will be four videos in this series to help you begin this journey to relax. The August edition of Just Saying will begin the meditation series. I encourage you to do something for yourself every day to find inner peace. Yoga has helped me to stay well and to feel good. If you would like this for yourself, you are welcome to connect with me to set-up something personally for yourself or for you and your friends and colleagues.

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Chapter 1

God does not have a rear view mirror and your past is here only as a teacher, be in the present moment.