Life is mainly about relationships, be it marital, parental, social or professional.
Each requires respect, good communication, attention, and compassion, to say the least.
It all depends on the maturity of the people involved.
To most, it is a constant struggle to make a relationship work.
To some, it is taken for granted.
To others, it is not worth the trouble.

However, to me, Friendship is the only relationship that is beyond and above all that.
A genuine friendship should not require effort. Either it works as is or shouldn’t exist in the first place.
The mere fact that it is a selective choice, our choice, means that we accept each other unconditionally, and know what to expect from one another.
Thus, no excuse for disappointment, no reason for pain.

The safest and most secure friendship, I find, is an old friendship. It is as solid as rock, built on stable ground. Old friends always pick up where they have left off, regardless of the elapsed time or the distance.
On the other hand, a new friendship can sometimes easily be fragile and vulnerable. It could cause more damage than good. To hold on to it would be pointless, as it doesn’t serve the purpose.

Whether old or new, true friends are pillars in life.
They are the rescue ship in the mightiest of tempests.
They are the sun that breaks through gray clouds and dries up the rain.

As we welcome the new year, I am thankful to all my friends for being in my life.
And to all readers, my best wishes for a life blessed with the strongest of pillars, the sturdiest of rescue ships and the brightest of Suns.