Excitement Versus Passion

“My mom told me all my life that I was an exclamation point,” said a rep this week during a coaching call. I like that description of him and I agree with his mom. In grammar, one of the reasons the exclamation point is used is to indicate strong feelings from the writer on the topic or to show emphasis.

This person’s natural personality is one of exuberant energy and you never need to guess how he is feeling about something.

While this person IS very passionate about what he does, it is true that passion does not necessarily automatically come from only those with over exuberant exclamation point personalities.

I have seen many a sales rep that had a more laid-back personality (maybe a comma person) be as passionate about what they do as an exuberant exclamation point person.

Passion is more than excitement. You can be excited about climbing a mountain to the very top; passion makes you actually climb that mountain to the top.

Passion has been called the fuel behind the purpose. It is the push, the oomph. In whatever it is that you want to accomplish, passion is a need when you want to succeed.

A passionate person is one of strong convictions and belief. Let’s look at some examples of excitement verses conviction and belief…

❖      You may be excited to work for this company. You become passionate about working for this company when you believe that our company is the best at buying, developing and marketing property.

❖      You may be excited about your property. You become passionate about your property when you believe our property is far superior to our competition in location, aesthetics, usability and value.

❖      You may be excited to be a salesperson. You become a passionate salesperson when you develop your talent, your skills and increase your knowledge.


When you decide to become passionate about something, nothing stands in your way to learn all that you can about it. Passionate people crave the knowledge that will help them to excel in every aspect of that which is their passion.

Ask yourself today…

❖      Am I passionate?

❖      Do I crave knowledge?

❖      Do I have that oomph in my body language, my speech, and my actions?


❖      Am I relying upon excitement alone in order to succeed?


I hope you have a weekend full of  “oomph” with your customers. Happy Selling!!!

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” My goal, desire and passion is to help you to become your very best”