Dreams Do Come True!

Nine months ago I was offered my dream job as a campus representative for FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FCA is a sport’s ministry that seeks to share the Gospel with, coaches and athletes. While playing professional soccer in Iceland, I felt the Lord gave me a peace to walk away from my playing days. I have this burning desire to minister to those in the athletic world, more than I desire to play the sport. As a former Division 1 athlete, I truly understand how unique the situations are that athletes face and how difficult it is to be plugged into a church community, or even on campus ministry, that doesn’t cater around an athlete’s schedule. And let me tell you, when you’re a full time student and playing a D1 sport you have a crazy schedule!

I was recently offered a job with FCA in Houston, TX (thank you Jesus for that because my dream man, and soon to be husband, is also in Houston). Being from Canada, this meant that I had to wait for all my immigration papers to go through. It took almost 9 months for all of the papers to be processed and approved, so that I could work on the campus of Houston Baptist University.

But God was faithful, as He always is. God had me wait, so that He could tend to me. He also knew that I needed to grow and that my relationship with Eldred (my fiancé) needed to grow through dating long distance. God had me wait as He was tending to the HBU athletes and coaches on campus. He was stirring up hearts and preparing the harvest for His worker to begin to sow and reap. God’s timing truly is so perfect.

Only a short month ago, I was finally approved to move to Texas and to begin working for FCA. The job transition has been a mixture of many things – discouraging, nerve racking, uncomfortable, however, it has also been amazing, encouraging, life giving, and so refining. Moving away from home, again, has been difficult, emotional and sad.

I am learning, once again, to press into the change God has brought me into. Daily, I am learning to continually die to myself, in order to submit to what God wants. I am learning to find joy and wholeness in being here, for I know, it is exactly where God wants me to be. I am learning to seek God and where He is moving daily, so that I can join alongside of Him, in His perfect will for my life. I am learning to just be with my Abba. And I am loving the change He has brought me into, for I love and trust my God.