Donatwins – Cannes, France

Riviera Golf De Barbossi


This month we catch up with the adventures of the Donatwins, Gianluca and Giacomo as they visit and film near Cannes, France. The brothers were invited by an Italian business man who lives in Cannes to design and produce a video for one of his best friend’s golf course, Riviera Golf De Barbossi.

Gianluca and Giacomo spent three days at the golf course working on this month’s featured YouTube video. As you watch the video, you will be amazed at the videography and how they use a drone to capture the stunning aerial views of this magnificent golf course. After viewing the video, Riviera Golf De Barbossi will surely be added to your ‘bucket list’.

Gianluca and Giacomo continue living out their dreams all the while diligently working on the ‘Donatwins’ Project’. Their sheer motivation, determination and optimistic outlook on life are the secret ingredients found in these one-of-a-kind videos. The Donatwins’ positive energy can be felt and sensed as you are viewing this stunningly spectacular video. Next month we follow them to Indonesia. Stay tuned!

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