Do You Want To Tango?

Tidbits of Treasure

“Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

– Isaiah 64:8 NIV

My personality can be a bit frustrating to some who are linear thinkers, or aggravating to those who like to plan their day out; and heart attack producing for anyone who finds spontaneity a highly anxious undertaking. I am not usually the best person to take to a classy establishment or to one where silence is practiced. I tend to be a bit clumsy and can create a good laugh for others, which, “Thank God, I have learned to accept and embrace.” After being identified with ADD only 3 years ago, I have made massive gains in my self-esteem and critical self-talk department.

Allow me to share one of my more embarrassing moments. I can remember being very confused one Sunday in church. One of my children, being celiac, would receive the consecrated wine from a special chalice and was asked to do so at the end of the communion line when all the others had been given their consecrated bread; better known as the Host. My husband was usually the one who would go up with her and I would attend to my other three children earlier in the line; but this day was different and I was going at the end with my daughter.

Now let us remember that I mentioned earlier I have ADD. This particular day it would appear, was clearly an EXTRA LARGE ADD day. My attention deficit had forgotten whether I had already received communion or not. What a predicament and very unusual experience I was having. Right there in front of the entire church, my mind went completely blank and I actually thought, I might have already received communion. It is not permitted a second time and therefore, standing in front of my daughter, and before the priest, I began to do the tango. In my confusion and in my head, I was quickly trying to decide if I was supposed to be receiving the Host? Thinking I had and as elegantly as possible, I turned around to go back to my chair when my memory kicked in. I immediately turned back once I was able to reclaim my sanity and remembered that I had not yet gone up, but, was indeed where I was supposed to be.

Well the Tango with the Host in the aisle was definitely a moment where the Lord allowed laughing in church!!! Smiling, holding back a huge chuckle, I innocently looked up and placed my two hands out as I said, “Amen!” A small explanation was required for the priest who lightheartedly blessed me and allowed me to move on.

This was a moment where I could have gone back to my seat; which was conveniently located right in the front few rows no less, and wish the floor would open to swallow me up. It most certainly was! Yet, the new me, has learned to accept my quirky nature, quick changing attention span and easily embraces my forgetfulness. Therefore, I have a tendency to let my “real” personality show as I embrace the woman God has made me to be and accept that sometimes, I just do things that make others laugh and my husband, shake his head and smile!


This is the message I hope to be able to convey to my children, in teaching them to accept who they are and not get bothered by embarrassing mistakes. Rather, I want them to acknowledge that mistakes do not define them. Instead, treat them as the learning opportunities God will use them to be, and when it is appropriate, participate in the laughter, experiencing the joy of the Lord.

I could pray and ask the Lord to change me into someone appearing much more put together, competent and organized, but then I would miss so much of the laughs I get to have in life. Paul, Jesus’ Apostle, had asked the Lord to take away what he had considered to be a thorn in his side. Instead, he discovered that this thorn had been given to him to keep him from becoming conceited. In reply to Paul’s request the Lord answered him, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

Could Tangoing with the Host in the communion line, be an opportunity where God gets to remind me, that His grace is sufficient for me too? Why not? God gave me this Tidbit of Treasure which I have received and stored in my treasure chest, along with the self-confidence to not die of embarrassment that day. Instead, I chose to participate in the laughter of the situation with those around me who had seen. He also, blessed me, when he let me know that it is this very nature, he himself knit together in me, while I was in my mother’s womb and his works are wonderful. There are no mistakes in me! What a difference it makes to not see myself as flawed, but forgiven.

My prayer is that each of you, would also learn to see the handiwork of God, as perfect and accept his grace, knowing that you make him smile and you too are fully forgiven.


Heavenly Father,

Only you can explain why we are made the way we are. So I turn to you and giving you thanks for this crazy, rapid fire brain, which struggles in keeping thoughts straight, her to-do list realistic and her day organized. I encourage all who find fault in how they are made, to remember that you Father are our creator. You are the Potter and we are the clay, we are all the works of your hands, and your works are wonderful, we know that full well. May these words Lord, hit the hearts of all those who need to hear this message. May they open up to receive your love and trust that they too are fearfully and wonderfully made!

In Jesus Name,



Additional Scripture:

Psalm 139, Isaiah 64:8, Song of Songs 4:7