Do Not Be Afraid

“Do not be afraid I am with you” Isaiah 43:5

I was putting my daughters to bed and I usually sit with them until they fall asleep. One night I had to finish some house work so I just brought them upstairs and told them to try to fall asleep by themselves. That didn’t go over too well.  They cried, screamed and were so unhappy.  My oldest said “mom I cannot fall asleep unless you are with me because I am scared”.  They feel so comfortable and safe when I sit with them that they are able to fall asleep quickly and peacefully.  

That is how I picture my relationship with Jesus, I forever want to feel his presence in my life and sometimes it is hard to see him working behind the scenes.  Some days I don’t feel he is with me or the situation at all and that I am left alone. That is when I get scared and feel like crying and screaming.  But Jesus is with us always and his word tells us to not be afraid.  He sees everything, knows every detail and is working behind the scenes to make everything right and perfect.  The very thing that we are stressed about or worrying about, He in his might is sorting out for our good.  

We have to remember that as children depend on their parents, we can depend on Jesus to protect us and keep us safe in the midst of trial and tribulation.  We can rest and be at ease just as children do.


Jesus, thank you for always standing by us, guiding and protecting us.  Help us to imagine that you have your arms around us at all times especially during the difficult times and remind us not to be afraid for you have everything under control. Amen