Defining Moments

Life is a collection of moments. Moments that carry the power to define, place markers and establish the boundary lines of our lives. They can extend how we see the World, but they can also establish limitations. Life events, disappointments, spoken words, media, failures and mistrust can often define how we see ourselves, our circumstances and the people around us. They can become the markers in which we define the boundary lines of not only our present but also our future. They can determine the words we speak and how we handle both the hurdles and triumphs of life. Moments, both good and challenging, can affect our identity, defining not only who we are but also the impact we have on those around us.

The question I pose is this… which moments have you let define you? Moments that have sprung forth life or moments that have brought pain and limitation? When I was a little girl, I was bullied for the way I looked. I then let this moment of time define how I saw myself and my worth. From that moment, I began speaking death over myself. I would look in the mirror and only see what was wrong with me. The words of those who hurt me still resonating within my ears. This moment resulted in the creation of an unhealthy boundary. My confidence diminished and I began to withdraw. Then in 2009, I sat next to the man I was about to marry and listened as his family preceded to tell me that I wasn’t ‘perfect enough’ to become part of their family. Subsequently, our relationship ended. This moment then defined me as someone who was rejected, unwanted and never good enough.

Thankfully, another moment also happened in my life. This was the moment I radically encountered the love of Jesus. I began asking the Lord where He was during these painful moments of my life. What He showed me has changed my life forever and redefined the boundary lines of my life. I then surrendered these moments to Him and allowed Him to begin healing all that was broken. Now my life is defined by one moment. The moment He hung on the cross for me. The moment I became His and when every limitation was removed through the blood of Jesus; A scarlet thread meandering throughout my day revealing His pure goodness. Moments when Heaven invades Earth and even during hardship, His peace, love and joy can be found.

Today I encourage you to stop and think about what you have let define you. Are they moments that have kept you in the wilderness or moments where you have chosen truth, allowing yourself to walk into the ‘’Promise Land’’, taking hold of all He has for you. Words carry power and what you speak or the words of others you have chosen to partner with are vital. They have the power to either bring breakthrough or keep you walking around the same mountain time and time again. With Him, the ceiling is limitless. You were created to be His and because of that, you have been equipped for greatness.  Give Him your ashes, those painful moments, and allow Him to replace them with His beauty.

Finally, remember, moments are just that, moments. They are not your whole story, but merely a chapter or even a page in the book that is life. Pages that can start out as ashes but that can finish revealing the incomprehensible goodness, sovereignty and grace of God. His loving kindness, His compassion and His provision. Pages that if you let Him, heaven can breathe on and beauty can be found.