Conversations with The Honourable Landon Pearson O.C. – Part 2

Part 1 of a 4 Part Interview Series

Children: Influencers

Dr. Cheryl Bauman from Just Saying continues her conversation with former Senator Landon Pearson in the second part of a four-part series. Landon Pearson served in the Senate of Canada from 1994 to 2005. In this position of honor, Landon discusses the key functions that were brought upon by this great opportunity. At the time that Landon was appointed to serve in the Senate, she was already a wife, a mom and a grandmother who had a steadfast belief that the duties of raising her children and grandchildren were the most important roles she would ever have here on this earth. These are core beliefs that I think all of us need to ponder. What are your beliefs and values in terms of your roles and responsibilities as a parent, grandparent, spouse/partner, aunt or uncle? Do you believe that your relationship with your child(ren) is the most important relationship here on this earth? How are you nurturing these relationships on a regular basis? How do you demonstrate care, love and respect in your relationships?

Being a steadfast advocate for the rights and well-being of children, it was no coincidence that Landon took on duties related to the welfare of children in her new role as a Senator. In fact, her diligent leadership abilities and instinctive wisdom in the area of children’s well-being led her to quickly become known as the ‘Children’s Senator’.

In the second part of this series, Landon discusses her continued commitment to the rights of children long after leaving the Senate and the evolution of Humanitarian Law as it relates to the rights of children in our world today. Recently, the Conventions on the Rights of the Child have been ratified, and 196 countries throughout the world have signed an agreement declaring that children are human beings with rights. This is a paramount stance taken by most of the world, however, Landon acknowledges that some countries who have signed this agreement do not currently practice and respect these conventions. We are all made aware through the media of the magnitude of child abuse still occurring throughout the world. Landon acknowledges that having an international common language defining children as persons, not objects or possessions, is a step in the right direction, even if some countries still do not treat children with respect. Landon notes that having an international agreement signed by 196 countries throughout the world provides a common language so that when atrocities occur, negotiations on behalf of the rights of the child are more readily recognized and respected. Landon states sadly that we still have a long way to go, yet she is optimistic in her perspective…full of hope and potential for the future of children, world-wide.

From our engaging discussion, I understood that all of us have a role to play in respecting and acknowledging the rights of children wherever we find ourselves. What are you currently doing to make a difference in the lives of a child(ren)? Is it having an impact? Could you do more? If so what? I encourage you to decide today to commit to being an influential person in the lives of children. Just as Landon talks about in this video… how she was able to be an influence in her own son’s life through believing in him and encouraging his unique abilities… you as well hold within you the power to affect the life of a child or children that you are in close proximity to.

What are you waiting for? Kids grow up fast. Time is of the essence. Act upon your convictions and make the world of a child or children a better place!