Communing With God

Reflections With Jill

My prayer:

Thank you Father for greater freedom in my life. I’m very excited about launching into the new things you have for me this year. I come humbly before You asking for Your council, leadership, guidance and direction in my life. You are my couch, my healer, my helper and best of all my forever lover and friend. I’m excited to be launched by You and begin this wonderful new adventure with You by my side.

Thank you Father for taking me to new places, new people, to see new sights and to hear new sounds. I’m like an elastic band being stretched and the further you stretch me the further I will go. I invite You to take me on the journey of a life time. I am still believing You for the impossible. Those secret petitions of my heart that You know all about. Those dreams You are stirring in my heart and helping me to believe for them.

God’s response:

Yes and there will be greater joy yet ahead. As you place your hand in Mine I will never leave you nor forsake you. For you have said yes to Me and accepted the invitation to journey with Me. I am the one who puts the joy in your heart and gives you the strength to move ahead. Come away with Me and lean into My bosom, into My breast and hear My heart beat for you and for the nations. It’s My love that will draw people and it will always be My love. Because perfect love drives away all fear. Fear is what causes people to freeze. They get stuck and cannot move ahead in life. They begin to question and doubt My endless love for them. There are no mistakes when you walk with Me, just lessons to learn. I take you step by step and I lead you forward into this wonderful adventure that will have many, many lessons alone the way. But it will be beautiful. You’ll discover so much more about yourself when you step out into new things. This year is all about stepping into new things. It’s about letting go of the old and embracing the new. Stay the course and enjoy all the new places, people, sights and sounds I have waiting for you to experience.

Blessings from your loving Heavenly Father.