Come Away With Me

He sings over you in the night and from the moment you wake, He is there. Truly magnificent. His love encapsulating you like a blanket on a cold winter’s eve. His wings spanning wide, sheltering you. Hiding you. Concealing you in the shadow of His all consuming love.

Ba boom, ba boom. “Beloved, can you hear it? Come closer. Ba boom, ba boom. That’s the sound of my heart beating. Shhh… quiet yourself and keep coming. Keep listening, for in every beat lays a mystery I so deeply want to show you. Ba boom, ba boom. Beloved, will you sit. Will you stay awhile?”

In Him there is joy unspeakable and peace that permeates the deepest crevasses of even the most wearied of souls.

“Beloved, with unveiled face let Me see you. The revelation of My pure kindness radiating off your sweet face. Every part of you, reflecting Me. Oh how you have captivated Me. Your sheer beauty. Every ounce finer than the most precious of jewels. Pure, radiant beauty. In every facet, complete perfection. My chosen one, can you see it?“

He is majestic, He is Holy and He is here. Not just a man in a book but a King longing for His bride. Chasing her. Pursuing her. Yearning for her to come home.

“Look at Me. Breathe. Do not turn away for I am looking straight at you. Hand to hand, face to face, eye to eye.”

“My beloved, I have never moved.

…now will you come away with Me?”