Blessings At The Cross Walk

It was a day when my mind was being tormented with doubt and indecision about my future that I decided to dialogue with God through two way journaling. A method I learned years ago to hear the voice of God. I achieve this simply by quieting myself down (soft instrument music is helpful here), focus my attention on Jesus ( closing my eyes and seeing Him next to me),  tune in to a flow of spontaneous thoughts and write in faith Gods answer to my question.


Question to God:

What intentions do you have for me during this fall season Lord? Are you requiring me to continue with my cross-guarding responsibilities?

Response from God:

My child, my child!! Rest in Me confidently and trust My leading. I will show you clearly as you let Me govern and lead every area of your life. Learning to trust Me and not people causes My heart to swell with joy. Joy is the fuel that gives you the desire to move ahead. Record the blessings I will send you.

I took this to mean God was going to send me blessings and I was to be alert to them and record them. Here is one recorded event that I thought to share with you today.

It started with a prayer that morning at the cross-walk, asking the Lord for divine appointments. It was that afternoon the answer came. God was preparing my heart to release a blessing. The Lord was good to send me a sweet couple. I saw them in the distance coming my way up the walking path pushing a baby stroller. I heard the Lord say stop and bless the family.  At that moment all was quiet at the cross walk so I knew I had been given a special opportunity from God. I willingly responded with a yes to God and became prayerful. As they drew near, I greeted them with a smile and asked how there day was going. They voiced their delight to be out in the beautiful sunshine. With great anticipation to what would happen next, I asked them about their little one in the stroller. They eagerly shared with me that he was just 2 weeks old. As I peered into the stroller, I gazed upon a peaceful slumbering infant child. I expressed a few ooh’s and ahh’s. I then congratulated them and asked if I could give the baby a blessing. The mother said she didn’t know what a blessing meant and told me that he hadn’t been given his shots yet. I explained that a blessing was simply a prayer and assured her that I didn’t need to touch him. She sounded delighted at the idea so I started by declaring over this little one’s life, words of blessing.

As I was speaking the good intentions of God, I realized I hadn’t asked the parents his name. “Everett ” Mom said. “Everett” I said, “you have destiny and purpose, Everett you have special DNA from both your parents.” Mom then offered me more information saying that they were both cientists. I could tell they were taking in every word. When I finished, the mother and father were overjoyed, concluding how positive this experience was for them. With a grateful heart they thanked me and we parted company.


This God encounter seemed so simple yet so profound to me! Just to see how God had arranged this beautiful interaction and how quickly He had answered my prayer request that I had simply lifted up before the throne room of heaven
that morning.  I’ve come to realize that God loves to answer our prayers both big and small. Yet this small simple act of obedience to God’s voice had a big impact on Everett’s parents.


Closing prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for opening a way for each one of us today to speak your kind intentions to a hungry and thirsty world. You know who will cross our paths today, where we can speak a word of encouragement. Your Word tells us that:

“…we are his (your) workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10. (NKJV)
Thank you that You are at work in us and preparing us to do good works.
May we step out in faith and trust You to release Your blessings through us. Teach and train us to listen for your voice and be willing to obey!!

In Jesus name,