Better Than I Imagined

I’ve dreamt of white dresses
And wedding days; the perfect
Colours for the fall
Or winter; the people,
Our song, and the smile
On my face
When I see you there waiting.
I’ve dreamt of early mornings
And hot coffee; of quiet
Sundays for reading
Or the outdoors; the kids,
Our house, and the road
Always leading me
back to you.
I’ve dreamt of old age
And laughter lines; a box
Of keepsakes for family
Or friends; the memories,
Our lives, and the legacy
We’ve left
For those we’ve loved.
I’ve dreamt of miracles
And possibilities, pushing
Away the insecurities
That these dreams
Won’t come true
Unless they’re with you.
So I’ll have hope
And have faith
That the love that awaits
Is better than the one
I imagined.