Beans, Weenies and Wine

Being on the same page as your traveling companions

Back when the earth seemed younger, we measured time in terms of BC (Before Children).  This was the time between university and full-time jobs.  Without many of the tethers that currently keep us grounded around our house, Peter and I, along with our best friends Derek and El, headed out on a road trip.  We borrowed Mum and Dad’s yellow 1977 Chevy van, affectionately known as the “School Bus”, and we headed to the East Coast for two fun-filled weeks.  It was early September, so the usual tourist throngs were all gone—we had the Maritimes all to ourselves.

Before hitting the road, and as we were camping, we felt it best to establish expectations—we were leaving as best friends and wanted to return the same way.  We discussed and planned routes and attractions.  By organizing our gear and chatting about meals and campsites along our route, we quickly realized that we were all five star campers.  That meant two bags of red licorice per day, dinners of beans, weenies and wine, and at the first sight of rain, we headed for the nearest hotel.  Luxury was the key to our successful camping adventure, our first and last.

That two week “camping” escapade was over 20 years ago, but we still have many laughs and remember it with fond memories.  Memories about being the only campers at the The Ovens in Nova Scotia and choosing a site so that our tent opened up to an ocean view.  Memories of being the only visitors to walk the beach at Cape Blomidon and the quiet lanes of Fort Louisbourg in the fog.  Memories of the lone piper at our campsite in Cape Breton and freezing in our tents on our last night in Trois Riviere.  But the best memories are the times spent together over beans, weenies and wine.