Be a Prosperity Channel

There are moments in life when, despite our best efforts, we experience a difficult year financially. Sickness, job loss, physical disability, mental illness, tornadoes, floods, earthquake, economic crisis, war, and persecution are just a few examples of life events that can prevent us from financial success. Those of us who have achieved greatly are called to let money circulate and multiply for the betterment of all.

When your neighbor prospers, your community prospers, your country prospers, and the world’s economy prospers. In sharing, you are the spark that lights up the chain. Not only does it better your life, but it grants you the ability to help make positive changes in the world.

Giving money carries a double blessing. It gives joy to the receiver and giver. For the receiver, it gives the courage to move on. It fills the heart with hope that there will be a better tomorrow. For the giver, it brings purpose to life. It warms the heart to see a thank-you smile.

In sharing, you are allowing abundance to flow and bear fruit in other people’s lives. By opening your hand, you bridge individuality to experience oneness with other human beings. You learn the true meaning of love.

I have experienced both the joy of giving and receiving in my life. My life has not always been easy, and I have walked in dark tunnels a number of times. To this day, I still remember the appreciation and recognition that filled my heart when wonderful people took my hand and walked with me. They lit my path and gave me hope and courage to keep walking until I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As a parent, teach your children to become a prosperity channel. Show them the importance of sharing with those in need, whether by volunteering on a community project, getting involved in a fundraising event, or by giving away a few dollars. In learning at a young age to sow seeds of compassion and generosity, your child will harvest love and prosperity in his life.

The lesson in all of this? In being a prosperity channel, God will entrust you with more to create a better world for all. With a humble heart, you will serve and create blessings in other people’s lives. Simply put, in giving more, you will reap more. Light up the prosperity chain!