6 Exercise IDEAS to Do While Vacationing

While on vacation I still enjoy doing exercises as it is part of my daily routine. Even though I do not have the comforts of home, the regular gym and my soccer training, here are some workout ideas that I use while vacationing. I thought they would be helpful to share with you as you plan for your next travel adventure.

Do Your Homework

I know we are on break from school and don’t really want to think about homework, but before I leave for a vacation I investigate what workout facilities are either in the area or at the hotel. I also try to discover what nearby parks are in the vicinity so that I can kick around a soccer ball, play some tennis or shoot some hoops.

Pack Workout Items

My suitcase is never full, so I ensure that I always have room to pack balls (I often have enough room to fit a soccer ball in my suitcase), jump ropes, or resistance bands. Resistance bands help with upper and lower body strength-training moves and the jump rope provides an intense cardiovascular workout in a short period of time. If I am not able to pack a ball in my suitcase, I will often buy one at a local store and then give it to a child when I leave to go home.

Carry a Balanced Load

Instead of packing two large suitcases, try to distribute your luggage between two smaller suitcases (or help out another family member by offering to roll their suitcase). Then while you are walking through the airport you can balance the weight of the two suitcases on both sides of your body. This is a great workout for your upper torso.

Activities Involve Taking Steps

I try to ensure that when I am planning our vacation with my family that it involves lots of walking and hiking activities. Try to aim for at least 10,000 steps per day while trekking through tourist destinations.

Become Adventuresome

Attempt something new while on vacation this year and burn a few calories while you are at it. I suggest renting a bike, paddle boat or a surfboard. Rental shops or local businesses often offer lessons.

Catch Up With Family

Many vacations involve visiting family and friends both near and far. Instead of chatting on the sofa and catching up on the latest news, invite your relatives or friends to go for a walk around the neighborhood. This way you are enjoying good quality family time while doing something invigorating for your body at the same time.