5 Words that Describe Vacation


I always have a lot of fun with my family no matter what we are doing on our vacation. Even if we are just chilling or visiting new places we always have a great time.



Whenever we go on vacation we always have something exciting planned. That excitement just builds up inside of me as I wait for the day when we go on vacation or when it’s the day that we do something that we planned!



As I’m with my family for a few weeks we always seem to grow closer. Doing all of these amazing things just brings us closer together. We love to spend time with each other!



I think I speak for everyone when I say we all love to relax while on vacation. I don’t think anyone wants to do work while they are on vacation, in fact that’s the reason they are on vacation to get away from work.



Vacations are the best times for making memories, being with your family and having a great time. I will never forget these kinds of memories, they are the best!