5 Things That Will Put a Pep in Your Step!

  • Tara Shannon’s story, The Magic of Mary, and her music video, Mary, found in the Lifestyle section – Day-to-Day. A must read, listen and view!
  • Tracey Lahey’s article, Snowflakes, Sparkles and Spa Parties, provides us with unique ideas for holiday parties. Tracey’s creative contribution is located in the Lifestyle category under Health.
  • Georgia Morissette and Sara Buffone’s gift giving challenges for the holidays are designed to inspire the true meaning of Christmas! You don’t want to miss out on giving the gift that keeps on giving. Unlock the art of giving by locating their contributions in the Challenges portion of the magazine.
  • Chris Marchand’s perspective on the Gift of Presence, is a very valuable and timely reminder located in the Relationships area of Just Saying.
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Winner from the November contest is:

Mahwish Choudhry-Annisi

Here are 5 Things That Put a Pep in Mahwish’s Step!

  1. Waking up before my kids do so that I can spend some time in prayer and fill my heart with peace for the day’s events.
  2. Not rushing on Saturday mornings and being able to enjoy breakfast with my husband and 3 daughters.
  3. Trying to do one kind act a day for someone.
  4. Being the person that family and friends text to ask for prayers for a certain situation.
  5. Helping students achieve their education by helping them decrease their financial stress.

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